Episode 026: IVF

Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford as she talks about IVF. IVF is invitro fertilization and a wonderful technological advancement to help grow families. Listen as she describes IVF as she would to a patient in the office. Understand what IVF is, what it is not, and why we do what we do as fertility doctors. Be a better supporter of the people in your life who need IVF and be prepared if IVF becomes a part of your own journey. 

Show notes:

  • What is IVF?

  • What are the steps of IVF?

    • Protocols?

    • Stimulation?

    • Monitoring?

    • Trigger?

    • Retrieval?

    • Culture?

    • PGT?

    • Embryo transfer

  • Lifestyle changes: vitamins, supplements, plant based eating, avoid environmental toxins

  • Understand what the IVF Journey looks like, what you should ask about from your doctor, and what to expect