Episode 025: Work Life Balance

Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford as she talks about work life balance. Listen as she talks about what work life balance is and what it is not. Learn that she believes there is only your life – and you must learn how to make it all work. Listen as she talks about choosing a job you love, balancing a home life, outsourcing what you can, sharing responsibilities and taking care of how you spend your number one commodity – your time.

Show notes:

  • What is work-life balance?

  • How do you pick a job that “works” for you?

  • You have more power than you know - ask for what you need to be happy.

  • Balancing at home - honesty and outsourcing

  • Understand your priorities and goals

  • Spend your time wisely

  • What are your goals and how do you stay organized?

  • Learn more about the 90-Day Goal Setting Workshop

  • Learn more about Pinnacle Conference

  • Next episodes: the hosts of Pinnacle Conference