Episode 022: Environmental Toxins and Fertility with Dr. Lora Shahine

Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford as she talks with Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Lora Shahine about environmental toxins and fertility. Learn how toxins can impacts your fertility, listen as we discuss studies and science showing the negative impact between BPA, phthalates, and PFCs and conception. Learn what you should be doing to optimize your health and fertility, one step at a time.

Show notes:

  • Limiting toxin exposure: recommend decreasing plastic use to limit exposure to BPA (even BPA free plastics contain other harmful chemicals).

  • No plastic food containers, no plastics in the microwave or dishwasher, no plastic water bottles (use stainless steel or glass).

  • Limit the use of Teflon (“non-stick” cooking goods) to decrease PFC exposure.

  • Limit exposure to thermal paper (receipts, airplane tickets).

  • Limit toxin use in beauty and skin care products to decrease phthalate exposure. 


    -      Environmental Working Group

    -      Think dirty (app for comparing consumer goods)

  • Dr. Lora Shahine