Episode 016: Miscarriage and Loss

Join host Dr. Natalie Crawford as she talks about miscarriage. Listen to her talk about the reasons why miscarriages happen and what can be done when a women has recurrent miscarriages. Listen to her own story about miscarriage and why breaking the stigma behind pregnancy loss is so important. Learn how to support the women in your life who are suffering from pregnancy loss.

Show notes:

  • What are the top causes of miscarriage?

    • Age

    • Genetics

    • Luteal phase deficiency

    • Anatomic

    • Autoimmune

    • Thrombophilia

    • Endocrine

    • Unexplained

  • What is recurrent pregnancy loss?

  • What is the normal evaluation or recurrent pregnancy loss?

  • What can you do to improve your odds of conceiving:

    • Dietary changes

    • Lifestyle modifications

    • Vitamins/Supplements

    • Medications: progesterone, aspirin

    • Fertility treatments

  • What should you do I you are having a miscarriage?

  • How can you support friends with a miscarriage?

  • Next episode: Confidence